greg hyzy

welcome to our collective subconscious. we are at a moment in time where dramatic shifts of perception and cognition are taking place. we are slowly returning closer to the center of the universe, celestially. our consciousness is waking up. we are waking up. each encounter with the other is a chance to further the open and honest communication of understanding. through this process, we achieve strides in encountering our higher/spiritual selves. with a clear understanding of who we are, we are able to live in harmony with our behaviors, our actions, and our thoughts, and embody this mode of living into actual physical being. not everyone will chose to take this path of self-reflection but the ones who go on this incredible journey reap the benefits of love, community, and equilibrium in the lives we interact with. living a life of awareness is no easy task but with the support of your fully functioning person, we can live no more in fear and hate and relish in love and understanding. the more we know ourselves and accept the experiences in our lives, the more the internal dialogue will present itself as a guiding light in this world of false reality and darkness.